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We are a music production agency based in Stockholm, Sweden. We produce and write original music and sound-alikes for film, tv, advertising and games. We also consult in matters of music supervision.

No matter if it's orchestral music or a marriachi band, we love to produce it and we have access to both digital or analog solutions in our mastering grade sound studio.

We also work with orchestral software for film scoring, a large collection of instruments from all around the world and luckily for us, the best musicians in Scandinavia.

In short, we want our clients to sound great!

In our mastering grade studio, with both analog and digital gear, we have all the neccesary equipment for a production from start to final mix delivery. We also have a wide selection of microphones, tape machines and old instruments for voice overs and analog sound recodings.

A selection of our equipment:
  • UAD Apollo 8 Quad
  • UA 6167 Preamp
  • Brauner Phantom Mic
  • Royer Ribbon Mic
  • Roland RE-200 Space Echo
  • Klein + Hummel O300 Monitors
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    For productions or chit chat!

    Joel Hilme
    +46 (0)70 68 077 63

    Felix Martinz
    +46 (0)70 58 789 88

    Music Makers
    Brännkyrkagatan 50A
    118 22 Stockholm

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